New Distributed Infrastructure

Using Crypto tokens

Initiating the revoltionalized medical world and implementing an accessible AI and blockchain-based healthcare services with High privacy personal medical data.


Technology has revolutionized the way humans live their lives and solve the problems they encounter. the desired life is the realization of a life that has advantages in the form of effectiveness and efficiency from every angle. Health is one of the essential aspects o human life that is priceless. therefore, it is crucial to emphasize the ease and accessibility of health aspects. the use of a medical tracker and harnessing digital health services with your finances has birthed Medalte.

The rapid technological developments and digitalization in various fields has open the eyes of innovators to digitize health services, and so this IT based health services with the sophistication of AI technology that can enable people participate as token holders is what has given rise to this concept. So fasten your seatbelt and join the moving train.


The presence of Medalte can be the answer to the efficiency of accessing health services based on the blockchain and AI. Healthcare service innovations in the internet era are now helping patients use their time more efficiently because they do not have to come to hospitals or health facilities to consult.

Medalte platform is a medical project where people can easily access medical care, urgent medical attention in case of an emergency and pay for medical treatment and medications simply through the token in their app.

Medalte has presented a perfect oppurtunity for the modern world to adopt digitalized health services because they are considered to be very efficient in reaching all geographical and time constraints. Medalte is one of the projects formed on the main results of the development of the health sector in the digital field especially blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency.

The Benefits of MEDALTE tokens to holders


Q2 2020
A total of 25,000,000 tokens would be generated during this period.
Medalte will initiate private sale.
Launching various airdrops with very promising and profitable rewards.
Distribution of tokens.
Listing on top 50 CMC listed Exchanges.
Q3 2020
Listing on top 20 CMC Listed exchanges.
Top partnership announcement.
Q4 2020
MVP of Medalte App.
Q1 2021
Advancement of the blockchain control subsystem of Medalte Token (MDTL)
MDTL integration with partner applications.
App launch.
Q3 2021
Integration with more partners in the field of modern healthcare and medical institutions.
Q1 2022
Development of new updated medical data App.
Q2 2022
Collaborate with international-class hospital to integrate blockchain technology to improve hospital services and efficiency.

MEDALTE Distribution of Tokens (MDTL)

Our significant clients — both corporate and private — will automatically access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

  • Staking Rewards, Airdrop and bounty campaign 7,500,000 MDTL

    7,500,000 MDTL

  • Private Sale (5,000,000 MDTL)

    5,000,000 MDTL

  • Marketing (5,000,000 MDTL)

    5,000,000 MDTL

  • Reserve (3,750,000 MDTL)

    3,750,000 MDTL

  • Team (2,500,000 MDTL)

    2,500,000 MDTL

  • Advisors and Partners. (1,250,000 MDTL)

    1,200,000 MDLT

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